Join us in your pursuit of Harmony with Horses……

Looking for ANSWERS??? 

Seat lessons
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LOST for a clear goal or expectation?

Make harmony your goal and see how far it can take you. 

Ask yourself:

What makes a rider want to be better?

What is ‘fair’ for the horse to tolerate while the rider is learning?

How real are you about the process and the work required?

Do you have a systematic approach to accomplishing the goal of “MOVING WITH” walk trot canter, jump and varied terrain?

What is in the way of true harmony with your horse?

Need an answer?  


So you can FOCUS on posture, alignment, and balance while going with the movement. 

Final question:  

Do you want to be an effective rider moving with the horses’ back up and swinging freely in rhythmic and following breath? You do!!!  

Only one step leads you toward your journey.

Longhaven Farm, home of Equetec, maintains school horses for this purpose.  

Private lessons on one of our schoolmasters are $85 per session and includes rider fitness coaching off the horse in our basement gym and during COVID using Zoom, FaceTime, and email support.  

Group and private weekly VIRTUAL sessions and technical Q&A for $30 per session.

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Testimonial~~Been “riding” pretty much my whole life… didn’t learn what it truly meant to be an EFFECTIVE rider and how to balance myself over the horse and how my body can influence AND sometimes hinder the horse’s movement until I found Ginger Long and Equetec. 

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Ginger Long is a Dressage and Combined Training; horse trainer, riding instructor, coach and movement specialist.

She is certified by the esteemed, British Horse Society, at Wellington Riding in Basingstoke, England. Ginger teaches balanced seat lessons and horse behavioral principles by instructing in a whole horse, multi-disciplinary approach.

Ginger’s specialization is in rehab conditioning and movement for optimal performance and longevity

~ “In Pursuit of Harmony”

Ginger can teach you on one of her horses or your own, at her farm,Hwy. 86N, off of Hwy. 49N in Prospect Hill, North Carolina

Equetec’s assistant trainer, Ashley Rumple starts kids on our ponies with instruction on safety, tacking, care for the horse and riding.

Becky and Joshua love to ride together

Serving you with:

  • One hour Private Lesson with Ginger on one of her horses or your own
  • One hour Private Lessons with Ashley on one of Ginger’s ponies
  • Full and part time Training, Conditioning and Rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive Evaluations include horse and rider movement, mechanics, tack and overall training program.   The compatibility and goal of horse and rider are evaluated to determine ‘weak links’ that could be improved on between horse and rider for optimal performance and longevity. An extensive exercise and conditioning plan is developed.

Join us for Educational Clinic Days – Bring a dish for food and fun

Preventive Hoof Care and Comprehensive Evaluations ~

Horsemanship, Trails and Obstacles with group practice ~

Trail rides on Sundays and Cross country jumping Clinics ~

Combined Training or DRESSAGE Ride-A-Test & Jumping Grid/Coursework ~ 

Ride a Test and Stadium round includes an option for poles on the ground for green riders and horses ~

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Ginger Long Equetec Services, .pdf downloadable

ginger and ashley clinic
Ginger and Ashley


Our lesson program for kids includes all aspects of riding: catching, grooming, tacking, and about 30-40 minutes of actual riding time depending on the child’s age and ability to focus.

A lifetime rider and competitor, Ashley Rumple, has a degree in Psychology, camp counselor experience, and loves working with kids of all ages.

The lesson will be a private ride and lead lesson to learn basic balance and communication skills before being taken off the line. This ensures safety and prevents a false sense of security.

Our horses and ponies are sensitive, safe, and wonderful teachers. They patiently mirror the rider as they grow in skill and confidence.

More on Ashley Rumple:  Ashley’s website and Blog

“Happy horses; mirror, happy, soft, quiet, peaceful humans with clear intention.”