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Services Include:

  1. Lessons ~ private and semi private are available for behavioral, dressage and combined training and fitness.  All disciplines are welcome.
  2. Layup, rehabilitation and geriatric care is our specialty.  One of the benefits of Equetec includes having school masters to learn on during your horse’s time here.
  3. Educational Days usually include full day learning and a lunch social.

Ginger Long is a Dressage and Combined Training; horse trainer, riding instructor, coach and movement specialist.

She is certified by the esteemed, British Horse Society, at Wellington Riding in Basingstoke, England. Ginger teaches balanced seat lessons and horse behavioral principles by instructing in a whole horse, multi-disciplinary approach.

Ginger’s specialization is in rehab conditioning and movement for optimal performance and longevity ~

“In Pursuit of Harmony”


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As a certified Trainer in the dressage and eventing community, Ginger helps horses and their riders with Equine Conditioning and Therapeutic Exercises that are used to strengthen, supple and improve performance:

-Why is my horse so stiff?
-How do I get my horse moving freely forward and more regular?
-How do I ‘go with’ that movement?
-What specific posture and movement indicates weak stifles or other problems?

Learn to see asymmetry or weakness. Discussion and demonstration includes why exercise and conditioning programs need to be specific to your individual horse for longevity.

Equetec’s Mission:

“In Pursuit of Harmony”

The basic aim of every rider is effective interaction between horse and rider; harmony. A competitive rider might define effective as success in competition, whereas a pleasure rider might define effective simply a ride without incident. Regardless of the goals of the rider, there are several components to effective horse–rider interaction:

• good health, nutritional and exercise program
• a thorough examination by a veterianrian to approve soundess and work
• appropriate level of fitness for the activities it is asked to perform
• well suited (in conformation, temperament, and ability) to the activities it is asked to perform
• shoeing for proper balance of hoof and body

• appropriate for the horse and activity
• well fitted or applied

• competent
• well balanced
• fit for the activity
A problem with any one of these components can lead to resistance by the horse, imbalance leading to problems.

A problem with any one of these components can lead to resistance by the horse, imbalance leading to an irregular gait, and possibly even lameness or other physical or behavioral problems. Thus, these components influence how well a horse and rider progress in their training.

Roadblocks in a training program may be due to a weakness in the horse that has not been addressed, subtle pain, less-than-optimal shoeing that causes the horse to be unbalanced or an asymmetry or weakness in the rider that needs to be tackled through un-mounted exercises.

Many of these physical and behavioral resistances can be reduced or eliminated by repetition of inventive, precise exercises for horse and rider taught and practiced by “the team.”

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Show days….

Our team approach is not focused merely on teaching the movement that will enable the horse and rider to get to the next show. We instead take a “whole horse and whole rider” approach taking into account all the components that influence horse and rider interaction. We then develop a plan to help them achieve a lifetime of success.

Equetec specializes in customizing an action plan for improving the effectiveness of the horse–rider interaction. This multi-disciplinary approach offers riders a unique opportunity for working through problems that have been resistant to conventional solutions. Equetec provides solutions by designing programs specific to each individual’s goals and abilities for optimal performance and longevity.

Our foundation is rooted in the harmonious development of each horse and rider combination and is bound by a genuine love for the well-rounded, happy, peaceful horse.

Join us, “In Pursuit of Harmony”; with your horse.



“A Horse For Life……
…..economy of motion, positive interaction, longevity.”

Do your life goals include a lifetime of learning with horses?

Equetec’s focus is on Equine Athletic Consulting.

Is your horse willing, strong and supple enough? — Are you?

Equetec and Ginger Long provide integrated exercise and training programs
for horses and riders, based on their individual goals and abilities,
for optimal:
1. Health
2. Movement
3. Performance
4. Equine Rehabilitation
5. and most necessary, Fun.–

Ginger Long, Trainer, Rehab and Movement Specialist, Certified by the British Horse Society, is a dressage and combined training coach that can help you meet your lifetime goals with your horse.
Ginger Long’s evaluation and consultation will teach you about your horse’s movement. Comprehensive evaluations with Ginger Long include a “whole horse” review of your conditioning/training program for horse/rider interaction. Review basics in behavioral responses, suppleness, symmetry, balance, suitability, gait analysis and biomechanics for overall health and performance.

Ginger S. Long
190 Cactus Drive
Prospect Hill, NC 27314

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“In Pursuit of Harmony”
1Pe 3:11 Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace,
and ensue it.

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Peace is Harmony:

1) a state of national tranquillity

a) exemption from the rage and havoc of war

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6) the blessed state of devout and upright men after death.

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